Issue 8 Cover

Yes…turmoil in Flying Sparks land. Well, not so much turmoil as much as we’ve got artists who have other jobs, and this does get put second, as it should. But Flying Sparks is continuing. I’m shoring up some of the colors now still, got line art through the end of the next issue and have written the next two.  I know that doesn’t get it online to you the friendly reader, but we’re working! I should also say let’s give a warm welcome to Mark Mabuna who comes on board Flying Sparks with this page, our new colorist!  Welcome Mark! He does beautiful work, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve got a few other writing projects going on as well which are starting to come to fruition, hope to have more details about that soon.

SDCC was a blast again this year, had a panel to open the show and laid low the rest of the time. Met some great people as I do every year, and hung out some great people as well. Through it all, not to complain too much, I had a pretty nasty sinus infection that came and went and I didn’t realize what it was for about 5 weeks of being sick. Yikes! What a summer. But…. Chloe’s got it worse right now in the comic. Will she pull through? Stay tuned!