Win A Free Comic!!!!

It’s been awhile since our last free comic contest, the winner of which received a free copy of Flying Sparks: Hannah’s Story – A Prequel Special, which was and still is the exclusive debut of the current Flying Sparks team.  This time, let me present:

Back Row Presents: The Law!  A short story anthology written by Flying Sparks writer Jon Del Arroz and Brady Sullivan.  It features a short with Flying Sparks artist Jethro Morales as well, among other many talented artists!  48 pages of wholesome crime-comic goodness! 

Here’s how you enter to win your free copy:

1. Like Flying Sparks on Facebook!!/FlyingSparksComic

2. Leave a comment on the wall under the contest thread.

3. A winner will be randomly selected on update day, January 18th, a special day where we at Flying Sparks will be celebrating the beginning of our fourth issue!  

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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