Flying Sparks Bus Tour 2!

I thought it was so fun to rip on myself by means of ripping on my story (editor’s note: wayyyyy back at the end of issue 1: ), that I decided to make a tradition of it. We’ve reached another end of an issue, so it’s time to trot out the old bus and act like tourists on our own website once more.

Tradition wouldn’t be fun unless there were more layers to it, and the second layer is that for each issue, I find a web comic I really like and, as long as their author is gracious, I highlight their work with my characters. Please allow me to introduce you to artist, Laura Kajpust, who is best known for her web comic Fruitful Confusion (which you can find ). I found Laura while surfing the internet boredly one day, and thought she had a really interesting beginning to a tale. Got to chatting, and soon enough, we have chibi parody! Now Fruitful Confusion as I understand it is taking a little bit of a back seat because Laura’s started a comic project which she’s using as her senior thesis for college called The Witch’s Promise (at ), which is shaping up to be really interesting as well. Laura definitely has my endorsement, if that means anything.

Hopefully I haven’t tl;dred you to death. ’til next week!


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