Flying Sparks: The Bus Tour

In anticipation of the new artistic team for issue 2, I’m going to make you wait a little bit longer. :) And holy crap, a long post for once!

About a month ago, I started thinking about Flying Sparks, and some of the challenges the characters have to overcome. Making perfect characters that can win in any situation is no fun, so I consciously made a superhero who didn’t have much in terms of powers or training, just with a heart of gold. At that point it got me to thinking about parodies, and an idea popped into my head about doing a parody of the comic. At this stage of the game, so early into this story it wouldn’t make sense to do much more than a single page, and so I set down to writing.

The chibi manga style was never a question for this parody. I wrote it with an homage in mind to my favorite manga/anime, Fushigi Yuugi. On the OAV series after the original run, there was a “Fushigi Yuugi Bus Trip Special” which parodied the main show. Since Fushigi Yuugi was one of the stories growing up that inspired me to start writing fiction, it felt right to give it that nod here. And a little Pokemon humor as well :D

Then it was about someone who could deliver a great chibi page in a hurry, because the one page in between issues is really the only place something like this would fit. I could throw it in later on the extras page, but at this break in the story, it makes a great weekly update. So let me please introduce you all to Diana Stoneman, who tackled this page in less than five days since receiving the script. She lettered the page also, which allowed me a nice little break this week. You may recognize the art from the links page, where you can see the banner for her weekly web comic, Sweet and Sour Grapes, which happens to be one of my favorite comics on the web. If you don’t already read it, it’s an excellent fantasy adventure. Click the link already!

Next week we’ll continue with our regularly scheduled program. The first four pages of issue 2 are ready to go as of writing this, which a couple you can see in inked form over on the forums.


Thanks Neil. I wasn’t sure whether to just proceed with the story and put this on an extras page or insert this. But I think at the end of the first arc it’s good to have a little separation, especially with a new art team coming on.

I’m just posting to say thank you. I’ve been trying to remember the name of Sweet and Sour Grapes for months, and you’ve finally reaquainted me with it.

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