Issue 3 Page 22

Wow! It’s amazing how time flies.  Flying Sparks has reached the conclusion of it’s third issue, and the first full-length issue with the fantastic art team of Jethro Morales and Sanju Nivangune.  I, your humble writer and letterer, nominate both of them for best art team period!

For those who need a little refresher as to who all’s in this scene might want to refer back to our very first issue.    Yes, the story for issue 3 was planted there, and I’ll link you some of the highlights. The incident with Mr. Frank that’s referred to occurred right here: as Johnny committed his first killing.  If you look very closely at panel 1  here, you see a man in the window, established earlier in the issue as Mr. Frank’s Butler.  He’s a witness to Johnny’s sins, and as you can see in the new page, he was none too happy about it! I’ve been waiting to pay off that little tidbit for a year.

I’m also happy to say that with the posting of Issue 3 Page 21, we received our MOST HITS EVER in a day, by a wide margin.  Thank you thank you thank you for reading!  Can’t say that enough.  I really hope you like the story and will stick around.

And finally, for those who don’t really check the home page:  A contest to win a free print comic!


Hooray! Congrats on wrapping up the 3rd issue!! :D
Johnny’s gonna do something cooooooool I can feel it.

I’m curious… Do the artists work digitally or traditionally?
I can sort of tell the coloring is probably digital but the inking looks so… old school XD Just wondering…

Keep up the great work, guys!

I wasn’t sure the answer to this. I know the pencils were hand drawn so I asked Jethro. He said:

I do my inks by hand =)

Well, the old school look is AWESOME :D
Do you use regular pens, or ink and brushes too? (I mean… how “old school” is “old school”?! :P )

I use fine tip pens and calligraphy pens for basic outlines then brushes for finishes and spot blacks =)

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