Issue One Cover

Welcome to Flying Sparks!

What you’re about to undertake in reading is really two stories, one of a superheroine coming into her own, and second of a villain’s descent into darkness. Those two stories converge because they are unknowingly dating under their ”normal” identities.  It’s a mix between superhero/villain action and character + romance.

For those who have been loyally reading since we first launched in 2010 – you may notice that the first issue has changed! Issue 1 has been replaced, updated with new art (and a slightly edited story) to match the rest of the series.  For those who are new, Flying Sparks has undergone a couple of artist changes during its tenure, and in 2012 we decided to go back and redo the first couple of issues with the new art team. As of today (March 24, 2013) I’ve reposted the first issue with the current art team and the second will hopefully be posted in the next couple months or so (still working on it).

Flying Sparks udates with a new page every Wednesday evening, and you can get yourselves reminders of the update either via the RSS button on the page here, facebook ( ) or twitter @tbr_otomo

Thanks for checking us out!  I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do.


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